miércoles, 6 de agosto de 2008

On the ideology of Science and Technology

Scientific method, as an ideology, has evolved and achieved a transcendental and objective [1] status after pursuing and reaching a discursive symmetry in social space-time. Also sicence comes out as a by product of philosophical discourse, as a linguistic and ideological residue; after all dialectics in social space-time may be seen as a filtering of discursive complexes where criticism acts as a destroyer of non-symmetric memes. To analyze the ideological symmetries of scientific memes we need to address the question of the symmetry of its potential social functions. Is around technology, the functions of scientific and rational knowledge, were the sword and armor's dilemma comes out. The unity (and other characteristics [2]) of technological products allows its acumulative semiotisation as an instrumental being. What can't aspire to this transcendence of social space-time is production and reproduction of technology; social practices which are located in specific spatio-temporal positions. A technological product refuses to be semiotisized as a tool as long as it is correlated with a given production practice. Capitalism, for example, has been ascribed to different subcultures through out history: lutheranism, americanism, occidentalism, etc. eventually, this has been treated by many historians only as contingent correlations, a treatment which affords partial generalization and hence instrumentation in its accumulative semiotization.

[1] Transcendental after relativizing social time, and objective after relativizing social space.
[2] To complete these discussion, a reflection of objective and instrumental discourses made on the notebook should be addressed.
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