domingo, 8 de febrero de 2009

A point on the ontology of true

''¿Es posible conocer la verdad, Irene? No. !Nunca vamos a llegar a alcanzarla! La verdad no existe. Todo es un juego, Irene, entiéndelo. Y no se juega para obtener la verdad, sino para ganar...''                                                        
                                            Jorge Volpi. En busca de Klingsor (327-328). Seix Barral.

What a statement about the ontology of true. Indeed, this vision is compatible with evolutionary approaches to knowledge [1]. It may not be a true statement, but it could help us win some games...  
[1] As a matter of fact, evolutionary approaches to knowledge such as Donald T. Campbell's Evolutionary Epistemology (a bright extension of Popper's falsifiability) don't bring about such a positivistic vision as the cited statement. Campbell's epistemology (an epistemology of epistemology) is designed as a tool to address problems in social research methodology. This game theoretical approach may well constitute a complementary analytical extension for Evolutionary Epistemology. 

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